Benefits from Independent Testing

With Simetry your organization will benefit directly from the objectivity and thoroughness of independent, outsourced software product testing.

Simetry can provide your organization the following benefits:

  • Early defect detection and correction will minimize risk and therefore reduce development time scales and project costs due to less rework.
  • Our quality processes and requirements management will enable smooth and timely delivery of your end product.
  • A higher quality product will reduce lifetime costs by reduced on-going support post implementation which leads to increased profits and performance.
  • Your application will function accurately from the end-user perspective and will meet the release requirements.
  • Our professional testing services will produce high quality deliverables at every stage of the software lifecycle and instill confidence in your investors and stakeholders.

Benefits from Quality Monitoring

  • Gives managers and stakeholders total control of the project with greater transparency of progress and milestones during each stage of the software development process.
  • Quality enables responsiveness and innovation to enable businesses to react, adapt and deploy new solutions quickly, and maintain a competitive edge.
  • Allows project managers to identify areas needing improvement and isolate specific problems early.

Process Assessment will help you

  • Improve software development and test processes.
  • Obtain a baseline for improving quality, productivity and morale.
  • Ensure that your software development is aligned with, and supports, the business needs of the organization.
  • Provide immediate and longer term improvement plans for reducing defects while meeting project schedules and budget.